3 Oct

–  PSD

  • Is an Adobe format that should probably be only used to save Photoshop files.
  • Do not distribute PSD files unless you are doing a Photoshop tutorial or something. Photoshop files are large.
  • They can be compressed (RLE encoded) but often this compression does not yield a file that is much smaller.
  • They can contain a lot of Photoshop specific data that the other formats can’t, such as paths.
  • The layers are preserved when a file is saved using the PSD file format.
  • You can go back, at anytime, to make changes to the layers.



  • Is a great format for photos.
  • Use JPEG for any photos you have and/or want to submit as they are much smaller files.
  • All good web browsers support JPEG.
  • JPEG uses a lossy compression algorithm so you will lose some detail when converting other formats like BMP to a JPEG but usually in the case of photos it is not noticable.
  • If you have an illustrated image or a vector image, don’t use JPEG because the edges of lines may get blurred. 

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